Using specific colours in your branding to invoke a particular feeling in your clients can help you to connect with your tribe.

Colour plays such a crucial role in our everyday life and how certain colours make you feel as well as the colours we associate we certain products or feelings.

When you are looking at creating a brand or any marketing collateral for that matter, its important to look at the colours you want to use to create the desired feeling you want your clients/customers to feel when engaging with your content.

As you may know, many people associate the colour green with health and wellness, eco friendly, earth conscious, nature, natural, peaceful, quiet, serene.

I love working with colour and helping people to choose what colour or colours to use within their brand and branding collateral.  This really is based upon a myriad of things.  Firstly what are you drawn to, although this may not necessarily be the ideal colour to connect with your target market.

Do some research on your target market, who are they, what do they enjoy doing, what is their potential age brackets.  Because also different target markets may be drawn to different colours as well, so keep that in mind when you are creating your colour palette.

What is your industry?  Is it health, wellness, finance, children, masculine or feminine dominant, creative, healing, marketing, spiritual etc.  You need to really feel into your industry and how you want yourself and your business to be portrayed within the world.

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