My journey to becoming an entrepreneur came from a variety of reasons.  I have always loved creating.  Be that drawing, art scrapbooking, digital, making candles and notebooks and more over the years.  It fed my soul and a way to connect to my inner self, to get out of my head and into my heart.  So I decided to enrol in a graphic design course part time while working.
Working as a Kindergarten teacher at the time, I found myself in a conundrum of needing more flexibility and time to be able to attend IVF appoints, with a less than accommodating boss who just did not understand that specialist appointments scheduled, I had little choice over what time I was given.  So one day I woke up and decided it was all too hard, after many sleepless nights, anxiety, teas and fears of the reaction from boss about another appointment I needed time off for, I bit the bullet and handed my resignation in.  I CHOSE ME for a change rather than pleasing others.
So began my entrepreneur journey, and the many gifts to unfold upon this journey to date.  I won’t lie, it has been a hard fought out slog to date, when you are trying to birth and create something special in multiple areas of your life and not being able to give either 100% priority.  Building a business doing what you love helping and supporting people to create beautiful visual brands, as well as taking on the very lonely, emotional and physical toll that IVF brings, finding balance was hard.
The emotional and physical rollercoaster of infertility, led me to look into alternate methods of healing thyself, and with that, I entered into a whole new world of energy and intuition.  I became fascinated and learned many skills, had many AHA moments and realisations that I am an Empath, Natural Healer and highly intuitive, I just had never truly understood before the syncronisities and knowing I had over the years.  So I began to hone these skills, embrace them and trust.
I am still on my journey of infertility, spirituality and creative bliss, but I am now beginning to see how all my experiences and skills come together to help me best serve the gorgeous people around me.
Through my infertility journey, although not successful to date, I completely understand how much family is a precious gift to be cherished and that you want to have time and flexibility in your life to spend with those you love.  You don’t want to be spending countless hours doing things that you don’t enjoy or waster your time.  Through my spiritual journey and connection to the animal realm, I have learned that I am able to intuitively connect with my clients, to really help them pull out the key elements of their business and help them to create stunning visual elements to enhance their brand.
I am on an ongoing Journey as we all are, embracing who I am with my intuitive and healing abilities, my connection to the animal world so that I am able to serve the divine people around me, my tribe.  To be able to give them more time, flexibility and space in their business to be the powerhouse creators they are in their zone of genius and do what they love, instead of spending countless hours on things that they don’t or time better spent on something else.  I love supporting my tribe with their business, creating visual elements, helping with tech, being their cheer leader so that they can focus on bringing their message to their world.