In today’s digital landscape and the world of social media, I see so many business owners and entrepreneurs become overwhelmed when creating graphics for their marketing collateral.

Entrepreneurs are spoiled for choice nowadays when they can choose the DIY option for creating their social media graphics, with so many programs and visual options available to them.  

Entrepreneurs can then become blind-sighted by what I call Shiny Object Syndrome, with a variety of images, fonts and colours at their disposal. Which inevitably, in some cases, leads to their visual marketing collateral not being consistent or on brand. They become confused, overwhelmed, and the task of creating images gets put in the ‘too hard basket’ and left for another day rather than taking imperfect action.

A Mood Board can be beneficial if you are yet to have had your branding done or only have the basics done. Let me explain how a Mood Board can help you to avoid shiny object syndrome and stay consistent in the visual elements and marketing collateral that you use online.

A Mood Board in terms of branding and marketing collateral is essentially a digital collage that allows you, the entrepreneur a visual representation, feel and direction of your branding. It enables you and your team to stay consistent in your imagery when creating visual elements and marketing collateral for your business.

For example, When creating a mood board, think about; who is your audience, what is the tone and voice for your brand; who do I want to attract? Will it be dark or light? Is it professional, calming, nurturing or playful? The ideas above are just a way for you to begin exploring what feeling it is that you want to create within your soul clients.

Some of the things that you can include in the Mood Board are:

  • Images that resonate with your brand
  • Fonts that you use when creating your images
  • Brand colours and accent colours
  • image types (colour and feel of an image)
  • patterns
  • graphics
  • layout

Mood boards usually a casual representation of your brand, pulling together a band of elements and represent the feel of your business. Their purpose is to give you inspiration and ideas.

So have a play today and create something that helps you to stay consistent and on-brand with your social media and marketing collateral.